Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to verify at MyBlogLog?

I've always encountered this problem when I create a new blog and I want to show it at MyBlogLog. That site need me to verify the new blog and a problem occur when I was so hard to find the verify link and need to search it.

Why verify?

As an owner of community on MyBlogLog, the Verified check mark is like a "seal of approval." This shows anyone who looks at your MyBlogLog community page that the owner of the site has an active hand in the management of the community page.
How it works

When a site owner begins the verification process, we give them a bit of code to put onto their site that only someone with edit rights to the site can put into the page. Verification happens by putting the code on your site, re-publishing, and clicking the "Authenticate" button on the verification page. MyBlogLog then goes out to the site to check for the code. If it finds it, verification is complete!

Once you complete verification, you can remove the code from your site.

Want to verify your sites? Please do visit Verify

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