Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to make shrimp paste salt (Garam Belacan)?

Malaysian especially Malay really love to eat mango, guava and others with shrimp paste salt or better known in Malays as "Garam Belacan". It is totally delicious to smudge a slide of mango into shrimp paste salt at the evening outside or inside the house. Malays do this often.

How to make the shrimp paste salt? It is very easy and everyone can make it.

The important thing you need is a dry blender, salt, sugar, soya-bean sauce, chili and shrimp paste.

1. Blend sugar in dry blender.

Important info is to know the balance between salt, sugar, shrimp paste and chili. If you want to make shrimp paste salt (Garam Belacan) in a huge quantity so you can keep it in refrigerator and eat in future, you need to know that 6 tablespoon of sugar are good to mix with 1/4 small spoon of sugar, 4 chilies, and 1/2 small spoon of shrimp paste.

2. You need to punch chilies, salt and shrimp paste inside this lesung batu.

Image :

3. Mix the result from No. 2 with the blended sugar and soy-bean sauce. Serve it.

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