Friday, May 22, 2009

How to : To Get Design Inspiration

Written by Jacob Cass

I have recently noticed a multitude of blogs and websites offering design inspiration and I have decided to collect a list of the best posts and websites out there that really got me inspired.

If you have limited time, I would tell you to check out these picture based posts that load all the images on one page. Inspiration from 2007 and 32 Inspirational graphic design pieces. ShinyBinary and 57Even and UrbanCowboy and DeviantArt are also good choices.

Inspirational Collections

DesignFlavr - A gallery full of hand chosen design. 100% quality.

60 More Places To Get Design Inspiration - A list like this of 60 more websites where you can get design inspiration. All quality.

34 Places To Get Design Inspiration - 34 more websites of where to get design inspiration.

12 Links for Web Design Inspiration - A great list of where to get web design inspiration.

Great Illustrator Designs - A great pictured post of great illustrator designs.

32 Inspirational graphic design pieces - Another great pictured list of great graphic design.

The Best Inspiration from 2007 - A huge collection of awesome graphic design pieces from 2007.

Thinking For A Living - This is an awesome collection of only high quality websites and resources that have been broken down into smaller categories. Not so much visual inspiration but a list of good places where to get it.

Design Inspiration Galleries:

Design you trust
Siti webdesign
Best web gallery
One star gallery Design Inspiration Directory
Unmatched style
CSS Artillery
CSS Vault
Link Creme
CSS Creme
AIGA Design archives
Cool Homepages
Moluv’s Picks
CSS Beauty
Light on dark
CSS Mania
Design Shack

Design Studios / Artists

Cecilia Lindgren
Robert Scully
Shinybinary - Nik Ainley - Must check this guy out.
ISO50 - Scott Hansen
Transistor Studios
Adhemas Batista
Edwin Tofslie
Kouri Design
IN8 Design
Frost Design - Vince Frost
57Even - Must check this guy out.
UrbanCowboy - Must check this guy out.
Syrup Helsinki
Jop Quirindongo
Gui Borchert
Spike Press

Blogs (Resourceful Articles + Inspiration)

Design Inspiration Blog
Freelance Switch
You The Designer
AbduzeedoSpoon Graphics
The Tutorial Blog
Web designer Wall Studios
Smashing Magazine Blogperfume
David Airey


Try Googling ‘Design Inspiration‘. or anything else that tickles your fancy.

Use Digg and their design search
Use StumbleUpon and their design search
DeviantArt - A quick search will find many results.

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