Saturday, May 23, 2009

How to edit your Text Online

I don’t only love reviewing online web services but I also use them all the time. If I find anything practical enough for me I’d definitely give it a go and see how useful it can be for others. An online rich text editor usually presents a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” interface for editing rich text within web browsers. This may include editing tools for HTML, simply text or Wordpad featured editors. Following are some of the most useful online text editors you can use to get things done.

I personally like CopyPaste and HTMLEditor.

Edit Pad
Edit Pad is a free web application that allows you to edit and save your documents online. The coding of this website is intended to protect you from losing any text that you may be in the process of editing, even if you lose your internet connection or go offline in the middle of editing something.

JotDown is very simple web-based application that lets you save temporary notes, text files or manage to-do lists online. To get started simply start typing your text and it will save them automatically when you stop typing. You can easily save your documents by clicking “Save” link.

You can access and edit your text later at the permanent link provided in the address bar of your browser (ex: or share the read-only version of the text with others by clicking the “Share” button.

NextEdit is an online website editor that makes editing of websites easily and quickly. Enhance the look of your website with this user friendly web based tool. No training required. No installation or setup required. Sign up Today! And within a matter of minutes you are ready to start editing your website.

CopyTaste enables you to create your own private URL with the data you wish to share with your friends or colleagues. In addition to all the regular Word features it also offers a Firefox extension that lets you post any selected content on CopyPaste. There is no registration required in order for you to edit your content online. But it makes it easy to share content and let others comment on it if you sign up for a free account.

Last but not the least HtmlEdit. Probably one of my most favorite online editor. Not only it allows me to text but I can design an entire web page using this online tool. It definitely saves a lot of time by helping me to view the results right on the same page.

by Umar Anjum

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