Friday, May 22, 2009

How To : Display your latest tweet as an image

Because of Twitter’s success, a lot of third-parties have started promoting additional Twitter services. TwitSig is one of them. This website is very ugly but also very cool because it allows you to get an auto-updating image that displays your latest Twitter entry.

While using this image as a signature in forums would be good enough, integrating it in your WordPress blog, under your posts for example, would also be great.

  1. Go to You don’t have to register: very nice!
  2. Simply enter your Twitter username in the text field.
  3. And your Twitter image is ready, displaying your latest tweet. The image is automatically updated when you update your Twitter status.
  4. Open any of your WordPress theme files and paste the following code.

[a href=""][img src="http://imageURL.jpg"]

p/s : Please replace [ with < and ] with >
p/s/s : Please replace yourname with your Twitter account name and imageURL

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